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Development Path




2016-To Date

On 3rd December, 2001

On 23rd February 2013

In December 2002

In April 2004

the predecessor of the company is Shenzhen Huaguan Electronic Co., Ltd. registered in Baoan District.

the company invested RMB100 million to build “Zhuhai HIGRAND Scientific & Industrial Park”.

Shenzhen Huaguan Electronics Co., Ltd. immigrated into Zhuhai HIGRAND High-tech Park. It is now called Zhuhai HIGRAND Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

I the “V-chip Automatic Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Production Equipment” launched to the market to fill the domestic gap.

Corporate Development

In 2005

In 2006

In December 2005

In March 2007

In December 2007

In 2008

In 2009

In March 2010

the company developed the cylindrical li-ion battery winding machine by virtue of the advanced technology of capacitor equipment, then launch to market.

the company developed the first automatic welding and cutting machine for li-ion battery and brought into market successfully.

the automatic production equipment of V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor was identified as national advanced level by Guangdong Technology Department.

Higrand was awarded as Chinese top 100 enterprises in capacitor equipment manufacturing industry, which is famous brand in China.

the company bore the National Torch Plan.

In 2008, the company developed 6 kinds of products identified as national and provincial key new products. Li-ion battery equipments are automatic welding and cutting machine and automatic scraping machine, capacitor equipments are automatic winding machine, automatic charging-aging-sorting machine, automatic impregnating and assembling machine and automatic assembling-testing-sorting machine.

the company was identified as “AAAA” standardization of enterprises good behavior.

the company developed the molding machine of solid capacitor which got the third prize from Guangdong science and technology department.

Phase of transformation of lithium battery equipment

In 2011

In 2012

In August 2011

In 2013

In 2014

In 2015

the company was identified as national high-tech Enterprise at fourth time in a row and through the review of the Guangdong Optical Precision Machinery and Engineering Research Center.

the company exported the automatic winding machine for mandrel cylindrical li-ion battery and the automatic winding machine for prismatic li-ion battery to Germany and America.

the company drafted the general technical requirement of LIB winding machine in Guangdong.

Higrand developed the automatic welding and winding machine successfully and the production efficiency is more than 20PPM.

Higrand gets a major breakthrough on the winding speed, poor electrode single winding function and tension controlling system of prismatic winding machine.

We had almost 100 automatic welding and winding machine for cylindrical anode & cathode of li-ion battery and been granted Zhuhai Innovation Award.

Crossing the ascension stage

On 28th April, 2016

On May 16th, 2017

In December 2016

In May 2018

In 2020

In 2021

In 2022

In 2019

the company changed its name to Zhuhai Higrand Technology Co., Ltd.

the company listed new third board and landed capital market. (Stock code 871447)

the speed of Automatic Welding and Winding Machine for Cylindrical Li-ion Battery is 30PPM, reaches international advanced level. And the company launched automatic battery sleeving machine with the speed of 130PPM.

Higrand was the first to develop cam-type cylindrical cell welding and winding machine, and the speed is over 33PPM.

Higrand developed Cylindrical Pin / Button Cell Welding and Winding Machine.

Higrand developed Prismatic Bluetooth Cell Welding and Winding Machine. In the same year Higrand set up a subsidiary Huashi Medical.

Higrand developed cylindrical cell middle assembly line successfully, to offer customer integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions of production equipment.

Higrand developed Laser Punching and Winding Machine, Punching and Stacking Machine, which are more intelligent and integration.

Technological innovation leading stage

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