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Automatic Sleeving Machine



This is automatic specialized equipment for sleeving the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. It puts the naked products of capacitors into the vibrating tray, and the sleeve rolls are fixed on the proper position, and then feeding, sleeving and makes capacitor finished products by heating shrinkage formed process. It is easy to operate and maintain.



l   It is automatic to convey the naked products and the heat-shrinkable tube;

l   Without pneumatic transmission system, that can remove the trouble from maintaining of the pneumatic devices;

l   This machine is limited the outer diameter of capacitor within the prescribed limits, the length can be adjusted within limited ranges;

l Automatic detection the polarity of capacitor, which can carry out the double inspection of the polarity reverser and reversed polarity of capacitor with no sleeve. It can guarantee product quality.

l   Having the detection function to test the finished products, sort out the qualified and unqualified products and put into the materials boxes separately;

l   It adopts PLC control system, it is easy to setup and operate.


Parameter ItemTechnical ParameterUnit
ModelHHS-880(Small Φ)HHS-880(Large Φ)
Other Diameter of CapacitorΦ3Φ4Φ5Φ6.3Φ8Φ10Φ10Φ12~Φ13Φ16Φ18mm
Length of Naked Product55~77~11.57~11.57~12.512~1820~3016~3016~3520~35mm
Power Supply3-phase   AC 220V±15%   50/60Hz

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