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Automatic Stitching & Winding Machine



This is automatic specialized equipment for stitching & winding the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The foil of anode (cathode),electrolytic, paper, lead wire and adhesive tapes are fixed on the proper position separately, and then be fed, stitched & winded automatically. The molding elements can directly enter to the next process. It is easy to operate and maintain.



l   The adhesive tape and electrolytic paper can be in V-chip type or spiral type which are standard specifications;

l   It is with cleaning and recovery installation, which can clean and recycle the foil dust;

l   Fast and accurate winding;

l   Detection device monitors the work of operating conditions which can pre-warn and shut off in case of abnormality;

l    This machine adopts high reliable PLC control system, which centralized display with man-machine interface. It is easy to setup and operate.


Parameter ItemTechnical ParameterUnit
Outer Diameter of CapacitorΦ4~Φ10/Φ8~Φ10mm
Anode & Cathode Foil Width2.2~8mm
Anode & Cathode Foil Length17~220mm
Electrolytic Paper Width2.8~9mm
Adhesive Tape Width2~8mm
Power Supply3-phase   AC 220V±15%   50/60 Hz
Air Pressure0.4~0.7MPa

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