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Assembling-Testing-Sorting Machine



This is specialized equipment for assembling-testing-sorting the V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor. It put the naked products and clamp plate of aluminum electrolytic capacitor into the vibrating tray separately. This equipment achieve of feeding, clamping plate, molding, printing, testing, sorting and taping automatically. It is easy to operate and maintain.



l    It puts the naked products and clamp plate of aluminum electrolytic capacitor into the vibrating tray then to feed automatically;

l   It is automatic to achieve of clamping plate, molding, printing, testing and sorting automatically, and then automatic to load into the packing boxes and packaging;

l   Detection device monitors the work of operating conditions which can pre-warn and shut off in case of abnormality.;

l   The control system adopts CPU and settings can be displayed on the screen which is easy to setup and operate.

l   With the function to detect the polarity of capacitor which in advanced packing and after assemblage;

l   This machine adopts modularity design which make it in high precision and easy to maintain;

l    A camera discriminating device (DDC camera) can be added to the machine;

l    LC volume testing is available to this machine.


Parameter ItemTechnical ParametersUnit
ModelAVC-388(Small Φ)AVC-388(Large Φ)
(Diameter X Height)
Clamp PlateHeat-resistant clamp plate was according to standard specification parts
Length of Anode Lead Wire≧21mm
Length of Cathode Lead Wire≧16mm
Rolls of TapeI/Dφ75, O/D maxφ560, Width 12~24mm
Speed80~120 (Stepless speed changes)pcs/min
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%   50/60Hz
Air Pressure0.4~0.7MPa

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