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Automatic Assembling Machine



This specialized equipment is for assembling the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. It puts the elements, plastic cover and aluminum shell into the vibrating tray, automatic for assembling, binding, girdling and sealing, and then finish the naked products of capacitors. It is easy to operate and maintain.



l It is automatic to convey the materials of assembling;

l The plastic cover using a special way to send, which ensure to be well placed to proper position;

lAssembling, binding, girdling and sealing work in progress on the same process, which can keep the products consistency, and also can guarantee the product quality;

l The sealing and girdling of this machine adopts servomotor driver. The machine with simple structure keeps wears well;

l Without pneumatic transmission system to avoid the cost;

l This machine is limited the outer diameter of capacitor within the prescribed limits, the length can be adjusted within limited ranges;

l Detection device monitors the work of operating conditions which can pre-warn and shut off in case of abnormality;

l It adopts PLC control system, it is easy to setup and operate.


ModelHHA-880(Small Φ)HHA-880(Large Φ)
Outer Diameter of Aluminum ShellΦ3Φ4Φ5Φ6.3Φ8Φ10Φ10Φ12~Φ13Φ16Φ18mm
Length of Aluminum Shell5.35~7.57~127~12.57~1312~18.520~3016~30max37max37mm
Thickness of Plastic Cover
Diameter of Plastic Cover
Power Supply3-phase   AC 220V±15%   50/60Hz

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