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Automatic Machine for Polymer Capacitor



        This is automatic specialized equipment for charging-aging-sorting the polymer capacitors. It puts the finished or naked products of polymer capacitor into the vibrating tray, then be fed automatically. And the semi-products of capacitor (elements) are sent into the conveying jig for aging and sorting automatically, then automatic to pick out the qualified and unqualified products into the respective splice box. It is easy to operate and maintain.



l    It is suitable for charging & aging the polymer capacitors (Φ3~Φ10mm). (The price is

l    Each parameter of this machine is controlled by “Solitary Excitation System” which carry it out by charging and aging each capacitor, which do not affect the aging of other products if a capacitor short circuit.

l   The hot-blast stove with the small floor space adopts close-roller type, which doesn’t change outer temperature with heat proof and heat insulation, so that the machine only consume less than half power of that consumed by traditional way.

l    Electric resistance for charging and discharging is installed outside hot-blast stove; such way keeps the electric resistance from being heated. It can guarantee quality of charging and discharging as well as improve service time of electric resistance.

l   Volume testing separation which can be selected configuration for sorting with supercriterion, or with the standard for sorting high & low capacity.

l   Detection device monitors the work of operating conditions which can pre-warn and shut off in case of abnormality.

l   It is attached with the control system for self-commutation batch function, which can change the voltage automatically.

l    The measure parameters of capacitor can be printed out to be a list as required to show aging conditions of different batch of capacitors.

l   The PLC control system can show the performance by touching the screen. It is easy to setup and operate.


Parameter ItemTechnical ParameterUnit
(Small Φ)(Large Φ)
Outer Diameter of CapacitorΦ3~Φ8Φ8~Φ10mm
Height of Capacitor5~125~20mm
Power Supply3-phase   AC 380V±10%   50/60Hz
Total Power9.2kw
Air Pressure0.5~0.7MPa
Aging P. SupplyDC-30V/3A
Testing P. SupplyDC-30V/3A
Open P. SupplyDC-30V/2A

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