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Automatic Assembly Line of Li-ion Battery



                This production line is used for middle assembling of cylindrical battery, offer the integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions from winding to before formation which is suitable for cylindrical battery model 18, 21, 26, 32, 46. The speed of line can be 60PPM,.120PPM or 200PPm.



lThe whole line is high speed and stability with rotate online, CAM driving, FA controlling technology mature application.

lThe whole line equips with OR code traceability, detection and parameter monitoring to ensure high quality operation.

lThe process parameters of key performance are highly consistent and the repeat precision is high.

lThe whole line is modular designed, operating automatically.

lWith Al visual algorithm application, self-learning measurement and closed-loop control.

lThe product data, running data and alarm data of the whole line can be analyzing, managing and visualizing, and the injecting machine is equipped with SCADA system.

lBig data machine self-learning, artificial intelligence application.



Cylindrical Battery Cell:

The speed of 18/21 series is 120PPM, 200PPM or 300PPM.

The speed of 26 series is 120PPM or 200PPM.

The speed of 32/46 series is 60PPM or 200PPM.

Single machine: Yield rate 99.5%-99.9%, operating rate ≥98%

The whole line First pass rate is 92%-97%, OEE ≥80%

MTBF (mean time between failures)≥4h

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